Friday, December 23, 2011

Do these photos represent Royal Enfields to you?

Gorgeous photo suggested by Mike Martin.
"What would you say are your three favorite photos that represent Royal Enfields to you?"

My daughter Erin asked me that question and I asked readers of this blog to respond.

The first I heard from was Mike Martin, of Ace Precision Parts in Phoenix, Ariz.

"David , here are three great pics; you will recognise one from your blog. They all make great background shots for your desktop."

Nice shot, originally from CraigsList.
The picture from this blog is of a motorcycle for sale on CraigsList, featured here because I found it interesting. In fact, I often find very interesting the pictures sellers take of their motorcycles. Sometimes they reveal more than intended.

These three shots are beauties. Thanks, Mike. What about the rest of you readers? Send nominations to me at
This is one to dream about.

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