Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Video gives a good look at Royal Enfield powered trike

A Royal Enfield engined three-wheeled motorcycle for sale on eBay in Woodville, Texas comes with an interesting "walk-around" video shot by the seller.

The seller says this Indian tricycle was found by his father at a gas station in Louisiana, where it had been used to fetch parts. The video shows what should be the original Indian red paint inside the cargo box.

According to Graham Scarth, chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club, the motor is a Royal Enfield Clipper 350. He wrote the seller to ask for frame and motor numbers and found  the engine number (C604) "slotting nicely into my recently created 'missing engines' page on the spreadsheet."

"Whilst the Club owns the motorcycle factory dispatch ledgers, we have nothing on these trikes, which use a 350cc Enfield engine, but were built by Pashley," Graham wrote.

This "Indian Patrol Car" needs complete restoration but, amazingly, the seller says the motor starts. He promises to post a second video of it running, but I have not spotted that yet.

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  1. Matt Law12/01/2011

    It'll look good restored,but there's a nicer one for sale in Texas,that's a 500,and half the price...it'll be fun to watch,anyway...thanks for the cool post!


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