Sunday, November 27, 2011

Royal Enfield stars in Old Spice deodorant ad

Royal Enfield in outlandish video for Old Spice.
A Royal Enfield motorcycle makes a brief appearance in an Old Spice deodorant commercial.

It's extremely goofy and doesn't do much to present the motorcycle as attractive. I could do without the bear.

Is it possible that the ad is actually aimed at women on the theory that Old Spice is more commonly purchased by them as a gift item for husbands and boyfriends?

...and that it somehow makes them attractive instead of the pillowly blobs we are?

Thank you to the A Time to Ride blog for spotting this!


  1. Anonymous11/27/2011

    ...and that it somehow makes them attractive instead of the pillowy blobs we are?

    Nay David, we RE riders certainly aren't pillowy blobs --- perhaps you had in mind the riders of a certain Milwaukee product?

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. Well, do have a small pillow. I wouldn't mind having the "old" fall off!


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