Friday, September 2, 2011

Owner learns the truth about Royal Enfields

Want to know the truth about Royal Enfield motorcycles?
There's a 2002 Royal Enfield Military for sale on CraigsList in Oakland, Calif. that comes with an amusing story, at no extra charge.

In his ad, the seller apologizes that he has been too busy to get back to those who have emailed with questions about the motorcycle. He attempts to address that with a lengthy description of the bike, including this anecdote:

"I really like the bike; it took some getting used to — like there is no tach and finding what gears it likes at what speed, and everything is old fashioned, like drum brakes.

"Also people from India always want to sit on it. They're sort of a friendly culture and these bikes are big there I guess.

"One time the gas station attendant got on it and drove around the block without even asking. I turned around and he was gone. He came back smiling, like it's no big deal.

"At first I was mad, but the type of confused mad where your have a closed fist locked and loaded but need more info first — and the smile threw me off.

"I'm glad I didn't get mad because a lot of the things I thought were wrong with the bike were user error. The guy knew the bike inside and out and didn't have any problem kick starting it or finding gears.

"I'm getting off track here. If you're looking for a bike that's fun to ride that gets lots of attention and is different than most bikes, with old fashioned style and modern electric start, then you will be happy. This bike was originally made at a time when riders worked on their own bikes so everything is simple, with simple tools. It's not like a modern Harley, where you need a technician with a computer to adjust the valves."

So, why is he selling?

"It's an around-town bike or a three-exit commuter bike... That's my main complaint about this bike. It's more 'neat' than powerful."

The seller's description goes on. It's well worth reading for an honest assessment of a 2002 Royal Enfield Military.

The motorcycle has 2,850 miles. Asking price is $4,000.


  1. What a great listing! His bike turns an ordinary Craigslist ad into an actual feature story. Kind of the way any Royal Enfield turns an ordinary man into a mechanic. Wonderful piece, David.

  2. The gas station attendant taking if for a cruise story is pricesss.


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