Sunday, July 3, 2011

Royal Enfield racing movie needs a push from you

Look at it this way: you'd love to watch a professionally made documentary about a team effort to campaign a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle through a season of vintage racing events around the U.S.

You'd even pay to buy the DVD.

Project Badger-The Film is the story of just such a racing campaign. Uniquely, the team intends to ride its Royal Enfield between events, take off the lights, slap on the number and race. That was the way it was done when men were men and the Royal Enfield Bullet was a contender on the track.

Adding spice is that Project Badger will showcase some of the improvements developed by the wizards at ACE, whose Fireball seems to be a faster Bullet that is reliable too.

You can watch the trailer for the movie about Project Badger right now. It's great. These guys CAN make movies.

But if you want to see the whole film, it'll have to be made first. This is where you come in.

Producer Peter E. Raymond has set up to fund the movie through the fundraising website Kickstarter. You make a pledge of as little as $1, (but for a bit more you get a copy of the movie DVD when it's ready). If the fundraising goal is met by the deadline, the movie gets made.

Your "rewards" increase (want three DVDs?) with the size of your pledge. Pledge enough and they'll put YOU in the movie. Pledge just $5 and you will receive a downloadable copy of the full film once it is completed.

Project Badger must raise $22,500 by July 23. If the fundraising goal is not met, Kickstarter cancels the pledges and no money changes hands.

If it works, we'll all have an entertaining and instructive documentary to watch. The movie will inevitably promote Royal Enfield and ACE and increase awareness of Royal Enfield in the United States. Nothing wrong with any of that.

I have no connection with Project Badger, but I did make a pledge. I can't wait to see the movie. Click here to make your pledge. The Kickstarter website walks you through the process and answers your questions.


  1. I've not been one to bitch much about people projects but when they ask me for money I feel I have the right.
    First off I want to donate to the cause and I tried to sign up with Amazon but I'm not sure it ever went through or maybe it went through several times and I'm on the hook for more than I bargained for, who knows.
    Badger guys please look into Paypal.

  2. Hi Leonard,
    Thanks for your interest in our project. Kickstarter uses Amazon as their proprietary funding channel with Paypal unfortunately not being an option. I'm guessing something must have gone amiss in setting up your Kickstarter or Amazon account, as I don't see anyone named Leonard on our current list of donors. Also, donations are not made in real time, but rather one makes a "pledge", with funds only changing at the end of the set time frame, and only if the project is 100% funded. Hope that helps. Thanks again.


  3. Matt Law7/07/2011

    Glad to have made a small contribution...sorry that it couldn't have been more,and good luck on the project!Happy Motoring,Matt Law~


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