Thursday, July 7, 2011

Royal Enfield built Indian Patrol Car looks different

Royal Enfield-built Indian Patrol Car of the 1950s with custom look.
A three-wheeled Royal Enfield-built Indian Patrol Car is for sale on eBay in El Paso, Texas. It's a fine looking machine but its custom details and the seller's lack of information about it means this probably will only add to the lore about these rare machines.

It's obvious from the pictures that this is a Royal Enfield Bullet single-cylinder motorcycle with the Albion four-speed transmission converted to provide three forward speeds and reverse with a tank shifter.

Side view shows it has chain drive.
The frame looks much like those on other Patrol Cars.

But the seller, Barnett Harley-Davidson, knows only that it is blue. The ad also advises that the "previous owner bought it 34 years ago, said it was a factory-built trike. 500cc with .020 over piston and rings. Three-speed, reverse, hand shift. Springer front end is from a WL Harley. Wheel spindles changed to Chevrolet five-lug, for 14-inch rear wheels."

Royal Enfield Bullet motor and Albion transmission are seen.

The machine sports a pick-up style box, wide rear tires and a front tow rod, none of which looks like standard equipment.

It is advertised as a 1951, but Royal Enfields badged as Indians only appeared in the United States from 1955 to 1960.

Precise information may be lacking but it is interesting to look at the photographs in the ad. So many Royal Enfield Indian Patrol Cars appear for sale in rough condition. Here is one that looks great.

It's not original, but it is pretty.

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