Friday, March 25, 2011

Royal Enfield stands out in a crowd, even in Paris

Royal Enfield C5 on the street in Paris.
American Eddie Mueller was on the street in Paris the other day when he saw something surprising and yet somehow familiar: a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

He'd just seen Royal Enfield's video tribute to the people of Chennai, India, who build the motorcycles. The video was posted on Facebook by my wife, Bonnie, a former colleague of his at here in Florida.

Now, here was a Royal Enfield, just like the one in the video, right in front of him, on the Avenue de la Grande Armée. He couldn't resist taking the pictures shown here and emailing them.

"It was actually just one bike in front of a Triumph dealership on Avenue de la Grande Armée. This is a street leading up to the Arc de Triomphe and directly opposite the famous Champs d'Elysées. The store is right next to where I pick my sons up from school every day," he wrote.

My wife describes Eddie as "a very smart guy in Internet marketing. His wife got an amazing career opportunity in 2006, so they moved to Paris with their two sons and Eddie has been day trading every since."

Small world, isn't it?
Somehow, the Royal Enfield stands out from the crowd.

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  1. Anonymous3/25/2011

    I find the lock on the front wheel to say a lot about life in Paris.

    Al in Philadelphia


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