Monday, March 28, 2011

Photo of 1915 Royal Enfield stirs the emotions

1915 Royal Enfield motorcycle.
UPDATE: See Jorge Pullin's blog My Royal Enfields for an up-close look at the vintage brochure for this two-stroke Royal Enfield motorcycle.

ALSO: It's for sale. If you're seriously interested (it doesn't look cheap and it's in Argentina) email me and I will pass your contact information to Mr. Garcia.

A gorgeous 1915 Royal Enfield motorcycle went overlooked in my email until today. Mariano Bernardo Garcia wrote to me from Buenos Aires, to ask for more information about his grandfather's Royal Enfield.

Although he wrote me in August, 2009, I somehow missed his message and this beautiful picture of the machine.

I am no expert on motorcycles of the past, so the best I could do was to refer him to blogger Jorge Pullin's Early Days Virtual Museum of Royal Enfield motorcycles, and its entry for 1915.

My reply is terribly late, and probably of no help. But I am grateful to him for sharing the photograph.

What a motorcyclist his grandfather must have been to take such a machine to its limits in its day. Imagine riding with an open flywheel spinning, a flickering headlamp and a gear shift suitable for a locomotive!

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