Thursday, March 3, 2011

Royal Enfield commercial 'Handcrafted in Chennai'
is beautiful film tribute to India's motorcycle

Royal Enfield motorcycles may never have a commercial on the Super Bowl, but if they hold a contest, this new one would be a candidate.

You'll agree with the ad copy that accompanies it:

"This film "Handcrafted in Chennai" is a tribute to the wonderful people who build, sell, ride and maintain these beloved machines, and is a heartfelt tribute to the city that Royal Enfield calls home.

"Brainchild of the legendary media wizard Bharat Sikka, the movie was shot in Chennai capturing glimpses of the city and its unique culture and inside the Royal Enfield factory laying emphasis on the way artisans use their hands to give shape to this unique creation of art, the Royal Enfield motorcycle

"A Royal Enfield is a rare breed in an age of mass-produced, user-friendly predictability. This is a mechanical motorcycle, handcrafted with love, engineered with purpose, and designed in a way that gives each machine
its own unique character. This character is reinforced by Royal Enfield's cultural DNA — by where it was born, and by where it is now built.

"Its classic British pedigree shows in every line, while the gleaming new engine hints at the devotion that has enabled this legendary marque to thrive in the outskirts of Chennai."

In my mind, this commercial is right up there with the Chrysler commercial (shown during the Super Bowl) "Imported From Detroit."

Want to see more of the inside of the Chennai factory? Here's an earlier video visit to the Royal Enfield factory.


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! It's much better without Eminem. :)

  2. Anonymous3/03/2011

    I'm not much of a bike enthusiast, but this commerical makes me want to visit India in a big way! xo Therese

  3. This ad mines nostalgia as effectively as anything H.D's ad agencies have ever done, plus mines family values in a way H.D. has NEVER done.

  4. Anonymous3/04/2011

    I fear that to those with a knowledge of the lack of attention paid by Royal Enfield to quality-control will see this commercial as an attempt to create a false impression of what actual takes place on the plant-floor!

    Al in Philadelphia

  5. Anonymous3/05/2011

    Great clip, really does have the feel of India in it!

  6. Anonymous3/05/2011

    Look closely at the sticker being applied to the the image at 1 minute and 52 seconds into the clip. After you do that,read the comments written about RE's quality control failures that are the source of complaints on Yahoogroup's royalenfield site.

    Al in Philadelphia

  7. Yaaawn.. boring extremely boring...


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