Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some nearly new Royal Enfield parts end up on the shelf

The rear tail light assembly from a Royal Enfield Bullet is for sale in Mt. Rainier, Md.

The optimistic seller writes that "I believe it is from a new Royal Enfield (the ones currently being imported from India) as it came out of a trash pile in a house where an Enfield was garaged. First cash gets the assembly for your bike!"

He wants $100 for it and perhaps he will get a taker, but I doubt it. There is a reason the tail light assembly was in the trash: lots of Royal Enfield owners replace the standard fitment with nicer looking after market items.

The seller doesn't realize how many of these things are on shelves in garages, or stuffed in attic crawl spaces across America.

There they share space with the bazooka mufflers and dual seats that are often pulled off and replaced with aftermarket silencers and sprung single seats.

This creates a treasure trove of nearly new (but largely unwanted) Royal Enfield parts.

So, when yet another plastic turn signal stalk snapped on my 1999 Bullet, another Royal Enfield owner that very day offered me two cherry turn signals that had been cluttering his garage. He wouldn't accept my offer of payment.

I guess there is an advantage to keeping your Royal Enfield stock.

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