Monday, November 1, 2010

A hot tip on an 'old Royal Enfield' for sale

"A friend had found an old Royal Enfield for sale. The price sounded right so I had to go and check it out."

That's how John, who blogs at Bikin-Ridin-NWA, describes an adventure that turned out to be something completely different than he expected.

I won't spoil the story for you, but bounce over to his blog to read it. It will brighten your day.

Before you go, let me warn you that John labels his items "(f)", which, he says, stands for "faction" — a "fictional account based on actual facts. You will see this on all my posts because sometimes it just plain sounds better all fancied up...don't ya know!"

"NWA" stands for Northwest Arkansas, and most of John's blog seems to consist of pleasantly told accounts of rides there. He is a "proud member of the 365 Group," and so is dedicated to riding his motorcycle every day.

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  1. Interesting story--glad I found his blog, also, since I'm now residing in NWA myself, for school.


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