Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Very rare Royal Enfield G5 Military for sale, new
but if you want it, you must act now

UPDATE: This news flash just in from Rhett Waldock at Royal Enfield USA: "This bike is on the move! The G5 Military was so rare and so popular that, naturally, it was the first California demo bike purchased when we offered the California demos up to our 49-state dealer network. It was purchased by Scoots 4 U in Volo, Ill. and will be on its way to the Land of Lincoln shortly. I don’t think it’s pre-sold at the dealership, but anyone who’s interested in it should now contact Bob at Scoots 4U: or 815-363-4720."

You can own a brand new and very special Royal Enfield G5 Military motorcycle but you must act now.

I've been contacted by readers who want one of the few G5 Militarys that exist. It's easy to see why. The G5 has the ruggedly handsome look of vintage Government Issue gear — and, unlike the C5 Military, it has a kick start lever. Very GI.

Not many were imported into the U.S.

Where is this rare motorcycle? Well, oddly, it's in California. But you can only register it somewhere else. Kevin Mahoney, president of Royal Enfield USA, explains:

"As it happens I have one just coming up for sale today in California. It is a non-California bike, so it can only be sold in the (other) 49 states.

"It's a G5 Military — 2009 (very rare) 407 miles (Stock number LO721). It was a magazine bike. It has never been titled and comes with a full warranty. This is a very nice bike and was set up very very carefully because of its role in magazines.

"The contact is Matt Capri at South Bay Triumph. His number is 310-784-7693.

"Time is of the essence as I am going to start to sell my California demo bikes through dealers starting Oct. 21. If you have someone who wants one, they should call Matt right now, or it may be gone.

"As for finding bikes (in general) that is not always as simple as it should be. We (Royal Enfield USA) do not know offhand who has what on their floors. If it is a current model any dealer who doesn't have one can get one as we have most everything in stock at present.

"If they are looking for a rare bike such as a G5 Military or a Red Deluxe G5 (discontinued color, one of my favorites and rare as hens teeth in the G5) calling (your dealer) is a good bet, or we can sometimes help. I do have one Red Deluxe G5 coming up for sale at a dealership in California today as well. Not a California bike, but anyone in the 49 states could get it.

"The California dealers are now open for business and have inventory. There are 12 bikes in the state that were used for various magazines, demos, samples etc. that are available to be sold by those dealers. The two above are the two really rare ones."

As always, the bottom line is this: if you want a new Royal Enfield call your dealer now.

I did, 10 years ago. I've never regretted it.


  1. Anonymous6/12/2012

    Just how rare are these?

  2. Mike, I understand there were about 95 total G5 Military motorcycles in the U.S. and there will never be any more of them. One correction to the article above. There may never have been C5 military models without the kick start lever. All this will give Royal Enfield fans something to argue about in the future.

  3. So, I managed to get a G5 Military.


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