Friday, October 22, 2010

Royal Enfield Mystery Bike for sale on eBay

Update: This just in from the Royal Enfield Owner's Club Dating Service, courtesy of My Royal Enfields blogger Jorge Pullin: "The machine is Model J - 500cc OHV. It has matching engine/frame numbers of J1595 and was dispatched from the factory in April 1947 to a dealer (individual?) called Whitehall in New York. Regards, Graham Scarth (chairman)"

A sad looking Royal Enfield "mystery bike" is for sale on eBay in Dallas, Texas. It is shown posed with its front fender plopped atop the rear fender, and with what appears to be a 1957 South Dakota license plate.

My guess is that it is a 500cc Model J. The number J1595 appears in one of the photos and, based on appearance, the only other thing it could be is a 350cc Model G. These motorcycles were in production from 1945 to 1954.

It's a basket case and may not be complete (where is the transmission?), but the starting price is low. It would make a very interesting discussion piece in my living room. The discussion I would be having, in that case, would be with my wife!


  1. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Yep, 1950 ish Model J. Wrong front mudguard, that one is from a 700cc Meteor. Gearbox shouldn't be a problem, they never wear out (completely) so can be found at Autojumbles (Swapmeets) here in the UK quite regularly. Nice bike when finished, increasing in value and interest here in the UK.
    REgards, Mark

  2. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Mighty tempting...thank GOD I don't have enough room in the garage for another should be interesting to see how much it goes for...Happy Motoring,Matt Law~


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