Saturday, October 2, 2010

New links make best content easier to find

There's a lot to say about Royal Enfield motorcycles and the people who ride them. I've posted more than 600 items since this Royal Enfield Motorcycles blog began in 2008.

You'll find some of my best listed under the new links that appear across the top of my blog: History, Technical Tips, Buying and Selling, Great Stories, Fun Stuff, Videos and Factory Tour.

There's the story of the Mad Major, "Bunty" Golightly, the (presumably fictional) character who rode his love for Royal Enfields across the Internet.

There's the real story of Jim Luzier, who died before he could finish restoration of a rare Royal Enfield, but left a clue behind for those who might follow.

There's the Factory Tour of the Royal Enfield plant at Chennai, India, filmed by Royal Enfield USA president Kevin Mahoney himself.

If you really care, you'll click the About Me link to learn about my own experiences with my 1999 Royal Enfield Bullet. (I've modestly left it to last.)

Wheez! WHEEZ! That's the sound of me blowing my own horn. Check out the links. I'll be adding more content to them regularly.

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