Monday, September 6, 2010

Royal Enfield Canada wants to celebrate
your Royal Enfield adventure

Example of Royal Enfield adRoyal Enfield Canada offers Canadian riders a chance at fortune and fame.

"Royal Enfield is looking for Canadians to participate in the 2011 Trip campaign," the website says.

The prize is a small fortune ($1,500) in cash or Royal Enfield accessories.

The opportunity for fame is the chance to appear in Royal Enfield Canada's 2011 print ad, along the lines of the well known "Trip" print ads that appeared in India.

It's a writing contest, of a sort, although the Royal Enfield adventure you've lived will likely make a big difference.

"On a Royal Enfield, your travels are like no one else's on the road. Your adventure is unique and we want to hear all about it!" the Royal Enfield Canada website explains.

"We want to hear about your Royal Enfield adventure and your connection to the oldest motorcycle in the world.

"The winner will be featured in our 2011 print advertisement.

"Stories and photos must be submitted by Nov. 1, 2010."

You can email your entry to

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