Friday, September 3, 2010

Did you recognize those odd sidecar lights?

Update: We now have the explanation for the Royal Enfield featured here with an attractive set of lights on its Cozy sidecar.

Ted Wetzler of North Ridgeville, Ohio, shared pictures of his rig, delivered to him with extra heavy duty marker lights front and rear on the sidecar fender. I speculated that better lights, like these, would be an effective way to increase safety.

How many of you readers recognized the lights on Ted's sidecar? I'll bet some of you did.

"We put those lights on because the Cozy comes with barely a marker light on top of the fender," explained Ted's dealer, Ben Erickson of Ural Northwest in Bellingham, Wash.

"The lights and mounts are for a Ural Retro (whether you believe it or not)! If you look in the Enfield parts catalog at the Cozy you can see the marker light I am talking about," he wrote.

Ted and I both had a notion that the lights looked — somehow — familiar. Those of you who know Urals probably recognized them.

But looking at the perfect installation, Ted couldn't believe that it hadn't been done in the factory.

"They had me fooled... so this car is one of a kind," he wrote.

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