Monday, September 13, 2010

Royal Enfield bobber shows imagination

Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale on this blog are usually shown with one picture. But if you click on the description of the motorcycle, you'll find the original ad, which often has more pictures. These often show interesting features a single picture can't capture.

For instance, look at this clever Royal Enfield bobber for sale on CraigsList in Round Rock, Tex. I had a hard time choosing which picture was the most fun.

The absent front fender and shortened rear fender are expected. But check out the red grips and fuel tank cap. How about that pirate skull-and-crossbones on the tank?

Here's a picture that shows how the owner got the rear view mirrors down low without having them bang into the tank on turns: he attached them to the nacelle! It's different. I wonder if they vibrate more or less there than they do when mounted on the handlebars.

And here's another thing: look at the bicycle pedal (with red rubbers!) on the kick start lever. Just like an old Indian. Note that the motorcycle shifts on the right, unusual in the U.S.

And, finally, at the rear, a Model A tail light, mounted not at on the fender as might be expected, but to the left of center.

Maybe you like what you see, maybe you don't. But isn't it amusing to look?

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  1. Anonymous10/12/2010

    I can't believe somebody wrote something about my bike just from a craigslist ad. I am in the process of extending the frame and hardtailing it. I will post some more pics when I am done.


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