Monday, April 12, 2010

Experts list some simple secrets to help
sell your Royal Enfield on CraigsList

The real secret to selling your Royal Enfield motorcycle on CraigsList is just to use common sense. You can use advanced techniques, such as occasional re-posting of the ad, as explained by reader Bob Harvey. But it's more important to do the basic things well.

Here are some tips on how to sell on CraigsList:

1. List a fair asking price. Leaving out the price creates doubt that will eliminate many potential buyers. Too high a price will drive everyone away.

2. It's OK to list the price in the body of the ad instead of in the top box provided by CraigsList. While looking for the price the potential buyer will read your ad and look at the pictures. That's what you want.

3. Write an engaging description of your motorcycle. Every seller will list year, model and mileage. Make your ad special. Name the color, even though the pictures show it. If you're proud enough to list it, it becomes, in effect, a selling point. List accessories, of course. But if your motorcycle is completely stock, say so, just as though that too is a selling point. Some buyers will prefer it.

4. Don't be afraid to list flaws. One of the reasons CraigsList works is the feeling that you are dealing with neighbors right here in town. Honesty is expected and appreciated.

5. Expert seller John emphasizes writing a complete ad. Answer every possible question a buyer would ask. Potential buyers should only have to call you to set up an appointment. Your ad should already have convinced them that this is the motorcycle they want to buy.

6. Good, clear, well-lit pictures of the motorcycle (taken after it has been washed) are essential. Take the motorcycle out of the garage for the photos. Nothing shows it off like early morning or late afternoon sunshine coming from behind you as you shoot the picture. No garbage cans or chain link fences in the background. And, whatever you do, don't park your olive drab Military next to your red pickup truck for the picture. Anything red will distract attention from your motorcycle.

7. John offers a service to embed photos into your CraigsList ad, allowing you to make them larger and place them where you want in the ad. This is an advantage, since your long description of the motorcycle may force the pictures well down on the screen if you use the standard CraigsList photo uploader. If you're handy, you can embed your photos yourself with a free account at PhotoBucket. Natasha Board at eHow explains how to do it step-by-step .

8. Include links that help convince a potential buyer to consider your Royal Enfield. Here are a few you might consider:

Royal Enfield USA for parts and accessories:

Royal Enfield C5:

Royal Enfield Bullet Sixty-5

Why Buy a Royal Enfield?

Why I Bought My Royal Enfield

How to Buy a Used Royal Enfield

You can just copy and paste the www addresses above into your ad, and let your readers copy and paste them into their browser. If you want to make your links clickable, directions are on the CraigsList Help menu. Scroll down to "Links to other pages."

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