Friday, August 8, 2008

Royal Enfield: Mystical motorcycling

I've never told this story to anyone but my wife. I don't think she believed me. But I bet fellow Bulleteers will understand.

Around mid-life I started having this persistent vision. I'd be walking from one room to another in the house and, in my mind's eye, I would imagine looking to my side and seeing my shadow on a motorcycle, moving along a road on a sunny day.

I could not see myself or the motorcycle: just our shadow on the ground. I couldn't tell what brand of motorcycle it might be, but I knew that it was old fashioned, had one cylinder (!) and I could "hear" its chug-chug sound.

Let me stop you right there: no, I am not given to visions. That made this unique. Even stranger, I'd only been on motorcycles three times in my whole life, and one of those was as a passenger.

This vision came to me over a period of weeks. Then The Miami Herald's automotive column ran a review of the Royal Enfield Bullet. I knew this was the one for me.

I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, got my motorcycle endorsement, convinced my wife we "needed" another vehicle, and bought my 1999 Bullet.

What brought YOU to motorcycling in general, or to Royal Enfield in particular? Leave a comment here.

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