Saturday, March 27, 2010

Royal Enfield dealership searches
for a BBQ hostess as hot as the bike

A Royal Enfield dealership is advertising for a "BBQ Hostess IMMEDIATE POSITION," and you get the feeling they're looking to spice up the store.

"Looking for a BBQ Hostess as hot as our bike. If you’ve got the look, a flirtatious attitude and can run a BBQ we’ve got a cool gig for you," the ad says. "We’re seeking a girl who can serve up hamburgers and hot dogs with a fun attitude and a great smile."

No doubt the dealership just wants to provide an alternative to Hooters and give guys a chance to look over all the great motorcycles, while they eat.

Maybe you don't associate barbecue and babes with Royal Enfield, but this store also carries the big cruiser brands that do fit the stereotype.

I was surprised to find out what the job pays: "$20/per hour ($100 every Saturday) PLUS tips."

The ad seems really excited about that: "an easy $100 bucks PLUS tips," it crows.

It doesn't sound like that much money for five hours over a hot grill. But, then again, there are no deductions for a dental plan to preserve that "great smile."

Applicants were encouraged to "send photos and resume."


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