Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ad for Royal Enfield Indian basket case
gives good look at what's for sale

What may be a 1955 Royal Enfield made Indian is for sale on CraigsList in Miami, Florida. Asking price is $3,300.

The motorcycle is a basket case, but the sale includes so many parts (including an extra motor and the frame of yet another motorcycle) that the price might be a bargain.

In particular, I am fascinated by what appear to be very interesting looking period fiberglass luggage. Truly from the rocket era.

"This Indian has been in the family for years and it's time to let it go," the seller writes. "All in parts. Extra 700cc motor, extra tank, and many extras...

"We have a receipt that it is a 1955 but we are not sure. It can be a 1955-1959. We took many photos so you can see for yourself. You are welcome to call." The ad includes the seller's phone numbers.

This seller did a spectacular job embedding photos into his ad to give you big, clear pictures of the parts he has. It's worth a look even if you're not in the market for a project.

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