Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photos of old motorcycles at Florida show

Old photographs of new motorcycles always fascinate me. New photographs of old motorcycles are almost as interesting. Here are a few more pictures from the Dania Beach, Florida Vintage Motorcycle Show Jan. 30.

The tank of the 1955 Laverda 100S has a patina that suggests its age. The motorcycle itself, is gloriously uncomplex, seeming to offer everything needed without anything in excess. It was shown by John Duss, of Jacksonville, Florida.

In contrast, the gauges of the 1970 Triumph Tiger shown by Justin McClarran of Fort Lauderdale suggest this motorcycle offers more than you will ever need.

And take a look at the business like nacelle of the lowly 1959 Triumph Tiger Cub, brought by Roy Wasson of Miami. Not only does it advertise Triumph's status as "World Motorcycle Speed Record Holder," the little Cub has a pointer to show what gear you're in. Now that's luxury, and in 1959!

Patina and terrific design combine in the Matchless logo on this self-proclaimed antique. A logo in such a position has to take a beating from grit tossed up by the rear wheel, but what elan it shows.

For dramatic impact, few logos are as powerful as the Indian-head light on the front fender of vintage Indian motorcycles. And look at the in-your-face position of this Indian-head horn. It says "get out of the way" even without making a sound.

Packing not nearly as much authority was this 1960 Harley-Davidson Topper, looking like a golf cart on two wheels. It was shown by Jerry O'Hare of Fort Lauderdale, who helpfully attached a placard explaining that the Topper was a curious Harley foray into the scooter market.

With looks only a parent could love, the Topper nevertheless appeared to be a well made product.

Finally, consider this sidecar combination, consisting of a Western Flyer bicycle attached to an attractive sidecar. Don't worry, you wouldn't have to pedal, thanks to the two-cylinder drone airplane motor mounted above the rear fender and swinging an airplane propeller!

Was it real?

These gents decided that, if it was, "it was the most dangerous thing" at the show.

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  1. As always, excellent commentary on these David. That Harley scooter is really neat. That last photo is hilarious.


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