Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's the best horn for a Royal Enfield?

Royal Enfield motorcycles and the people who ride them never fail to find their own road. When I complained recently about the wimpy horn I chose for my 1999 Bullet, I expected comments.

I hoped I'd get recommendations for a better horn and I did get one, from Jonathan Hanson, executive editor of the outstanding Overland Journal magazine. He wrote:

"You need a Stebel Ear Cannon horn. I got one each for my Royal Enfield and Triumph. That pedestrian would have jumped out of his shoes if you'd let him have it with one of those."

And he may be right. Here's a link to the Stebel horn, where you can actually click to hear it (my advice: turn your speakers down first.)

What I didn't anticipate was the unusual note struck by Jorge Pullin, who writes the informative and amusing My Royal Enfields blog. He forwarded this video, virtually without comment.

I think it says it all.

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