Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Royal Enfield project keeps him going

Greenman's mock-up of his Norfield project.

Jack Greenman is a 25-year-old man with severe chronic pain and the Triumph motorcycle logo tattooed across his chest. He is in the process of installing a Royal Enfield Bullet motor into a Norton Atlas frame. The project is a kind of tribute to his deceased father, the former owner of the deteriorated Norton.

Greenman is an articulate writer who lately has been sharing progress reports on the Enfield-Norton in his blog, Wizid's 2nd Home. He writes and talks (in YouTube videos) about himself, he says, because he must.

"You have to talk about it," he says. In a calm voice, seemingly without anger, he explains:

"I'm 25, and I live in my mother's basement. And I can't move, and I can't go to school, and I'm waiting on disability — and I mean what what else can I do? What else do I have to do? I can't... I can't work with my hands much any more, I can barely read books, I can barely write and I used to write all the time, and I can't write — and I can't draw... and and like what the hell... am I supposed to do?"

Greenman doesn't name his disease, in so far as I can find, and doesn't ask for anything except, maybe, understanding that he is not "just complaining" or seeking attention. He seems genuinely grateful that someone out there might be listening. I became a "Follower" of his blog because I am interested in what he writes.

You might be, too, and not just for discussion of how to fit an Enfield motor into a Norton frame.

Take a look. And, if you'd like to encourage him to keep it up, maybe become a Follower.

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