Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Royal Enfield poll results: Let's go riding!

Ninety percent of Royal Enfield owners who read this blog have 1,000 miles or more on their motorcycles. That's the conclusion of the poll you readers responded to over the last 30 days.

Yes, I am surprised. So many of the "Royal Enfield For Sale" ads you read on this blog are placed for motorcycles that aren't even broken in yet — although some may be 10 years old.

"Didn't have time to ride it," is the excuse most commonly heard.

I understand. Weather here in Florida allows comfortable riding all year 'round. Yet in the year since I lost my job and stopped commuting, I've put on barely 1,000 miles myself. I mean to ride more. Truthfully, I now DO have time to ride it.

I find excuses not to ride. They're pretty lame. The lawn needs mowing, for instance. Yet the lawn somehow used to get itself mowed when I had a full-time job and a two-hour daily commute. Explain that!

I can't. It's time to get back to the recreation I used to enjoy so much when it was work.

So many of you will soon be cooped up by winter weather. I haven't got the excuse of bad weather. It would be a sin to waste this beautiful Florida winter sitting at the computer, blogging. I'm going riding!

Hopefully, you'll read about it right here at


  1. Anonymous11/19/2009

    The statistic is nice..only wondering how
    many people filled them out and who came from where..

    Last week I was in India and peeked now and then on the millage meter of some enfields, they reach far over 30000 Miles, these people use them all year long... In the rest of the world the enfield is an 'extra/addon' vehicle for most people... The enfield can easily make 50000+ and still run.. a motor revision will occeur at some point ofcourse.. The strange part is from what i see from 'the Craigslist' that a lot of people sell there bikes at low milliage or arnt ,indeed, even fully broken in...

    And something else..perhpas not the right place to talk about it but i had to get it off my sholders ;-)

    In India the spare-parts are a third of the price, quality depends sometimes but there is good stuff for sale there.. If your a None-Indian you pay the full price..(sometimes..not always ;-)
    Online Internet stores that sell Enfield parts
    are very often running 50-100% profit on these parts.. Which bothers me... this is actualy a pure rip-off.. Take I.e. the "Smith Milliage meter Clone" none calibrated... price $15 (even less) in India and is sold online in the USA for $79..Yes same meter!..directly from India..If you would buy it yourself in India and ship it.. it would cost you $35.. that still 50% profit.. Regarding Engine parts? I get those from my local Dealer who gets these from the factory..Or ill buy them in the UK where its durable tested and handmade too..

    Another thing for all those Bike sellers,
    You better sell your bike in parts instead
    of asking $1500 or less for it.. you can double your money..takes only double the time ;-)

    Keep up the nice blog! ;-)

  2. Anonymous11/19/2009

    David, another thought occurs to me: What percentage of the mileage on the owner's RE is from diversional or recreational riding rather than than for day-to-day getting about?

    Al in Philadelphia

  3. Thanks for the comments! I think what's really needed is a survey, not a poll. A survey could ask where you live, how do you use your motorcycle, any modifications, advice, etc. etc. I'll give that some thought.

  4. Well I was really intrigued by this poll. I suppose I should be careful not to over analyse the results but here is my take on it. There are 6% that either really enjoy their bikes or have have them for a long time or both. At the lower end there are 18% that either have just bought a bike or don't use their bikes that much. Difficult to call but I found out what I needed to. You can buy an Enfield and ride it for a long long time. I like it!


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