Friday, November 20, 2009

Royal Enfield perfect for a Tweed Ride

Royal Enfield motorcycles are the perfect mount for a new weekend activity that started in London and is spreading across the United States: the Tweed Ride.

So far, these dress up like your great-grandfather riding events have been for bicyclists. Except for pesky helmet laws, I can't see why the event would not adapt perfectly for vintage style motorcyclists.

Wearing helmets would at least eliminate the search for a cap or bowler. I don't own either, but I do have an old sports coat that might do.

The point is, I do own the perfect motorcycle for it: a Royal Enfield. Ever notice how the old advertisements for Royal Enfield motorcycles always showed people dressed like ladies and gentlemen? No doubt they had servants to remove the oil stains from expensive clothing.

Washington, D.C. conducted its Tweed Ride Nov. 15. Pictures make it clear that participants had a hard time replicating by-gone eras. Not all clothing was appropriate to previous eras, and not everyone had an old bike.

It still looks like they had a lot of fun. While some riders were not picture perfect, they still achieved an effect. Minus the shorts, t-shirts, jeans, flip flops and spandex, they automatically transported their appearance back to at least the 1950s.

One participant told the Washington Post that it was really just about "dressing like an adult" for a change.


  1. Anonymous11/21/2009

    In the very early '60's I did ride my BMW R27 wearing a tweed sport coat. And I would say to my motorcycling friends in provocative jest and alluding to an advertising campaign, "You meet the nicest people awheel in tweed"

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. I am definitely going to get my old sports coat out of the closet. Wish I knew how to tie a bow tie...

  3. Anonymous11/21/2009

    it's the same knot you use to tie your shoes, just around your neck.... it took me around an hour to get the hang of it a few years ago when I decided to make myself learn. I've always harbored a secret desire to wear tweed (or at least a suit or sportcoat of some kind) with my AVL one day... Maybe this spring, I'll give it a go.

    Eric in MO.

  4. Wow, it's so amusing to me that guys in 2009 find this aesthetic so appealing. I think because it's a relaxed, intelligent type of masculinity thing. The "Rules for My Unborn Son" blog says you have to learn to tie a bowtie. Get crackin, dad!


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