Monday, November 23, 2009

Indian builder plans supercharged Bullet

Taking a supercharged Royal Enfield to the Bonneville Salt Flats is the goal of Kunal Bhaskaran, the author of the Monster Dog blog. He says his inspiration is racer Burt Munro.

Reader Chris Bartlett pointed out a new YouTube video featuring Bhaskaran and the blower Enfield. It's fun to see this modest man with the immodest dream describe what he wants to accomplish in 2011.

Bhaskaran admits on his blog that supercharging a Royal Enfield Bullet is no easy thing. His blower is a Mercedes Benz part! Will it be a powerful advantage or parasitic drag?

He promises to find out.


  1. After watching this again, the builder says he's already reached "100 miles per hour" without NOS or the supercharger. The builder consistently cites "mph" when talking about speed. His target speed, with the supercharger is "over 200", but the interviewer says, "200kph?" I wonder if he means 200mph? 200 kph would only mean 124mph. That doesn't seem like a very lofty goal when going all the way to Bonneville. Plus, Burt Munro, his hero, did over 200mph, so maybe he's shooting to match Munro? Either way, this will be one fast Enfield!

  2. Does he mean 200kph or 200mph? I think the interviewer may have misunderstood. The builder consistently speaks of speed in "mph". Burt Munro qualified at over 200mph, so maybe that's what he's shooting for. Is 200kph (124mph) a huge accomplishment at Bonneville?

  3. Oops, I thought that first post had been deleted, sorry David.


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