Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There goes another blinking Enfield blinker

The plastic turn signal stalks fitted to my 1999 Royal Enfield Bullet lasted 40,000 miles. Then they began to snap, one right after the other, leaving the turn signal lens dangling from the wires.

I first reported this on this blog in March. At the time, I thought it was somewhat amusing, although a nuisance. Sunday I returned from another ride, with the right front signal dangling from its wires again. In my opinion, very few things look more foolish than riding around with limp-wristed turn signals.

I'm stubborn, so I'm just going to slather it with glue again and put it back. The trouble is not that the glue won't hold. The problem is that the stalk will (I know) break again in a different spot along its length.

If I were a classier fellow, I would just order nicer looking after market signals from Classic Motorworks and be better off for it. But, as I say: I'm stubborn. So, as long as the glue holds out, I will persist in trying to repair these.


  1. Eeeish I am not sure which part I am most tickled by, the fact that your indicator (turn signal) stalk is breaking at intervals or the fact that your Bullet has 40 000 miles on it. Here is a suggestion for a blog thread (if not already done) What is everyones mileage on their bikes and who has the highest. Maybe create a Enfield registry where everyone registers their bike with details such as year, when purchased. modifications, anecdotal quirks etc,etc. Sorry totally off topic by it was a catalyst to a thought.. I am interested in what sort out mileage people have on their bikes. ;-)

  2. Get a pair of repro BMW barend turn signals (EMGO makes them)
    easy to mount in place of your blinkers, or on the bar ends.

  3. Well, I've done 1,39,264 km on my old 1983 Bullet 350 and she's still going strong. Everything's working just like it should. I've lost count on the number of indicators I've replaced till date though!


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