Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How many miles on your Royal Enfield?

How many miles have you ridden your Royal Enfield motorcycle?

My comment that my 1999 Bullet has more than 40,000 miles on it caused reader Pantano to suggest that I ask all of you how far you've gone, and what experiences you've had along the way.

It's a good suggestion. Your stories and pictures are always welcome. Are there others out there who have put on a lot of miles? I'd love to hear from you. It would be just as interesting to hear from those who maybe have only 3,000 miles, but all of it was across the Rocky Mountains!

I'm sure someone out there has a delightful tale about riding 25 miles after the gearshift lever fell off. Adventure is where you find it, and the Royal Enfield Bullet always seems to locate it.

Bring it on. You can email photos and pictures to me at

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, answer the poll question in the right rail, "How Many Miles on Your Royal Enfield?" We'll let the poll run for a month and see what the average mileage is.


  1. LOL, Thanks David for taking my suggestion seriously.

    Firstly I can unfortunately cannot contribute to the discussion as I not own a Enfield, YET!!! I intend purchasing a new C5 and keeping it forever. This lead me to wonder about the kind of mileage that has historically been put on an Enfield.

    I watch with great interest.

    As a side note I own a 94 Toyota Landcruiser with 211 000 miles on it. I almost can equate Enfield owners to Cruiser owners. Lots of mileage with lots campfire stories or as we call them here in South Africa, WAR Stories.

  2. By the way, Great Blog.....

  3. Need a button for between 1000 and 2K

    I have 1,500

  4. Peter, thank you for pointing that out! I've fixed it now, but everyone will have to vote again.


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