Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Royal Enfield ads are rewarding reading

Buying a Royal Enfield motorcycle? Look at the ads for Royal Enfield motorcycles posted on this blog. You'll find plenty to choose from in every corner of the United States.

The prices may seem high, but remember, those are just the asking prices. You're free to offer less. Many of the ads here are repeats; some prices have come down from ad to ad. Make an offer. The sellers are getting lonely.

I read the ads, even though I already own a Royal Enfield Bullet. It's often entertaining because, perhaps to attract your interest, some sellers will spin a whole story about their motorcycle and their lives.

Here's one of my recent favorites; I've edited it to make it shorter but while the ad runs you can see the full text here.

"Hi Kids! You are looking at a very nice 2006 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 with Cozy Side Car. My father purchased this new, in 2008... So you might ask why my father is selling this bike. My Dad is a great guy and a 73-year-young Vietnam veteran who has 14,000 hours of flight time under his belt. With expertise and age comes a mellow appreciation of friendship and hobbies. This being said, he certainly enjoys all the conversation surrounding his beautiful Bullet but he is now in the big bike sector and enjoys the long rides cross country that would not be so comfortable on a Royal Enfield.

"If you are ever in Enterprise, Alabama and see three old dudes on V-Stars and one bigger guy on a Harley, be very careful not to upset their coffee breaks at the many greasy spoons along the highways to Florida. These tough bastards ate God-knows-what while in the Army and the grease in the sausage biscuits and red-eye gravy only make them cuss and fight like they were 18 again. The Harley rider has even been known to urinate in his girlfriend's toilet without lifting the seat.

"Enough of the background story. Let's get back to the bike. This Bullet is a real head turner and does more for the libido than any herbal supplement on the market...

"If you know anything about the Indian-made Enfield, these are cantankerous bikes but will run very well and prove to be reliable with loving maintenance. If you are looking for a low-maintenance bike this one is not for you. If you are afraid to turn a wrench or kick-start a bike, buy a Honda. However, if you want a taste of a simpler time and do not mind doing 60 mph max, this bike is for you. If your passenger is a big one, you might do 50 mph on a good day. If this is not agreeable with you, choose a Honda or upgrade to a thinner riding mate...

"This is the only Royal Enfield that I know of that is free of oil leaks. While in my garage for two weeks I have not found even a single drop of oil under this bike. My '74 model, on the other hand, spews oil like lanterns during the Festival of Lights...

"My Dad and I are very willing to help in getting this bike shipped and would be happy to deliver it to a shipping point with 100 miles of Enterprise, Alabama (this town is near the Florida line and NOT the make-believe Enterprise located in northern Alabama on the MapQuest site)."

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