Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big deal: He'd trade Caddy for Royal Enfield

You've heard of downsizing. A man in Prescott, Ariz. wants to downsize to a Royal Enfield motorcycle. He'll gladly accept a Royal Enfield of any age in trade for his car: a 1969 Cadillac Eldorado.

The trade would certainly improve his miles per gallon.

Lest you suspect this is some kind of "Trade for a Clunker" program, the Caddy is actually in good shape, according to the ad on CraigsList.

"It is as rust-free as they come, with good chrome, and it runs great. I have taken several trips from Flagstaff to Phoenix in this car and it rides like a comfy living room couch. One quiet ride. Put the pedal to the metal and it will fly up the hills. The engine bay is very clean as is the interior. No headliner rips. The car is obviously in primer black. Never got around to repainting it...

"Sadly as of late, I am just neglecting this poor little (big) guy and it just sits out in the sun weeks on end. It needs to someone willing to take advantage of a sweet ride more often than I am."

If you have a Royal Enfield you want to trade for the Cadillac, call him at (928)-308-3368. If you just want to buy the Eldorado, it's for sale straight out at $1,950.

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