Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Does your Royal Enfield have an 'ODM'?

My post about how a Royal Enfield motorcycle may not cooperate if someone is watching you try to kick start it was inspired by a bit of mischef on the Yahoo Royal Enfield message board. Member George Smith wrote:

"Despite the apparent simplicity of the Bullet's electrical system, I have been unable to locate a component that I'd like to either disable or bypass. Can anyone tell me where the Observation Detection Module is located? My Enfield is a reliable first-kick starter unless it detects someone nearby watching. Maybe I can pull the fuse, or tape over it."

George's seemingly innocent question took in several members, who responded that they'd be glad to help him find it if he could better describe the "Observation Detection Module."

Unfortunately, the ODM is fictional, and thus can not be disabled. It is part of the mystique of Royal Enfield motorcycles. Annoying as it is, it is also endearing.

And, better yet, no Japanese made motorcycle can claim to have one.

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  1. I got a link to here from The RE community Newsletter. Great blog!

    I have an '01 Bullet 500 Classic, and it's fun to ride and I love it. It draws a crowd wherever I go.

    If anyone needs to register an RE in California, I know how. Contact me.


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