Monday, August 3, 2009

It takes time to sell a used Royal Enfield

There are more Royal Enfield motorcycles advertised for sale here on than ever. That's natural, considering that, with each passing year, there are more Royal Enfield motorcycles in the United States.

They're still relatively rare; you might have to travel a long way to see the motorcycle that interests you. Buyers who are willing to go a ways can find low-mileage, nearly new Royal Enfields, often festooned with expensive options.

I also think that one reason my list of motorcycles for sale is so long is that some motorcycles take a long time to sell.

For sellers, it can be a long, lonely wait for that special someone who knows about Royal Enfields and wants one badly enough to chase down an ad. Some of the Royal Enfields advertised here have been on the market for nearly a year. They're like relatives who came to stay for a week and never went home.

Here's a hint: It's August. When you see a motorcycle pictured with snow in the background, you know it has been available for a long time. Maybe the seller is ready to make a good deal on the price before the snow flies again this year.

Or, maybe not. Ads on free on CraigsList and I don't charge to post motorcycle sales on this blog. Some sellers never drop their advertised price. They're just going to wait until someone meets their price. Others do drop the prices, steadily, as I did when I had a Honda motorcycle to sell. It took, I think, three months on CraigsList before my price and the buyer's wallet lined up.

I've seen very few sellers ever raise their asking price.


  1. Anonymous8/04/2009

    I rather think that this photo in the snow was taken on the day the bike was purchased. And so, one is left wondering what it looks like now!

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. Good point, Al. Although the mirrors are absent; perhaps the first thing the owner did was remove them. The real strange thing is when sellers use a picture of a new bike from the Classic Motorworks web site to illustrate their bike, which is "just like this one, but green." I ignore those ads.


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