Friday, July 17, 2009

T-shirts capture spirit of Royal Enfield

Chris Bartlett is an artist whose clever work imagining different color schemes for Royal Enfield motorcycles I've written about before. Now he is doing something about the Royal Enfield rider.

Her Majesty's Thunder markets his t-shirt designs for the man or woman who wants to "ride British." Bartlett introduced the web site to members of the Royal Enfield Yahoo group this way:

"Hey guys, I'm Chris Bartlett, a graphic artist in North Carolina and I recently designed some shirts that I thought Enfield owners might be interested in. One of them, 'Floyd's Garage,' features a bleeding Royal Enfield and pays homage to my friend Rex Floyd, a renowned Enfield and British bike mechanic in N.C. The others are focused on British motorcycling. These have all been printed and are ready to ship. Please have a look!"

I looked. They are special.

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