Tuesday, July 14, 2009

He searches for remains of Royal Enfield

At MyRoyalEnfields blogger Jorge Pullin ferrets out the remains of Royal Enfield motorcycle factories in Redditch and elsewhere in England. Armed only with books about Royal Enfield history and Google satellite images, Pullin has discovered factory buildings still standing.

He found "Royal Enfield" still emblazoned on a roof 40 years after the factory closed (above). Incredibly, he even spotted the outlines of Royal Enfield's secret wartime underground factory!

All this seems especially remarkable, because here in America, it has been an article of faith that there was "nothing left" of Royal Enfield in England. Residents of the United Kingdom may have known better but, elsewhere, except for the existence of one marker on a building, the scale of the reminders of the glory that was Enfield's weren't known. Royal Enfields made today all come from the factory in Chennai, India.

Now this professor of physics in Baton Rouge, La. has traveled to Redditch personally. He's promising more information when he returns. There can't be that much more visible from the ground that Pullin has not spotted from space. Or can there? His delightful blog is always full of surprises. We'll see what he finds.


  1. Thanks for your kind words, I estimate it will take me a few days to get the post ready, perhaps Sunday when I'm back home...

  2. Fabulous stuff, so Jorge is in Redditch right now?



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