Friday, June 12, 2009

Royal Enfield blog: What's he thinking??

Buying and selling Royal Enfield motorcycles is a bit tricky. There are so few of them in the United States that what you pay and what you get may depend more on what you can find than on what you want.

If you are prepared to wait as long as it takes you will find the motorcycle you want. But some people are a good deal more flexible, including the fellow in Osceola, Mo, who advertises, on CraigsList:

I have a year 2000 royal infield motorcycle for sale/or trade for? what you got? email at
No criticism intended of the typographical error "royal infield." I make plenty of errors myself. I can't help wondering what he might consider taking in trade. The ad provides absolutely no hint although it does specify that, if you're paying cash, the asking price is $3,850.

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