Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We want to hear about your Royal Enfield

"Hey!" my wife called from the home computer. "You're on Page One of Google!" Sure enough, if you searched on Google for "Royal Enfield motorcycles," that night you got the official sites, one or two other folks and, gulp, this blog.

Hopefully, this is still the case by the time you read this, so you can look for yourself. My thanks to Google's robots for the up-grade to first class. But I would also like to thank you, the readers, for looking at http://www.royalenfields.com/ and putting up with me while I learned the ropes.

It has been fun sharing my enthusiasm for Royal Enfield motorcycles with you. Especially neat are all the times you've told me your stories about your motorcycles.

Have a story, tale or tip you'd like to share with everyone? Please email me at david@royalenfields.com and be sure to include pictures of yourself and your motorcycle.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Anonymous5/06/2009

    Youve done a great job with this blog Dave, and aught to be proud! Anything that focusses positively on our marvellous bikes is very welcome, and better still this is a pro outfit!



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