Monday, February 9, 2009

You can buy a new C5 but can't have it yet

A brand new 2009 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 motorcycle is offered for sale on eBay. You can Buy It Now for $6,970 but it will take a while to actually get it.

One clue is that the pictures with the eBay ad are from the Royal Enfield India web site.

The motorcycle is offered for sale by a dealer in Bellingham, Wash. I asked whether he actually had it in stock. The Bullet Classic 500, referred to as the C5, is the latest thing from Royal Enfield. In fact, you might say that it is the first really completely new thing from Royal Enfield India since 1955! It was introduced to the world just last fall and is just now on its way to the United States.

The seller answered: "The picture is one supplied to us from the distributor, and you are correct that this bike is still waiting to be released to the dealers. We will be shipping as they are released over the next 90 days or so. We will be seeing our first one for technical training this weekend."

Another shopper got this response: "This bike is a new model and is being released to the dealers over the next 90 days or so. Your order would be placed on a list and shipped as soon as it is released. You can call us directly at 866-411-8725 for more detailed info on timing of shipments. Thanks for your interest."

Let the bidding begin.

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