Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video proof that dogs hate motorcycles

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a dog chasing a motorcycle actually caught it? What would the dog do with the motorcycle? Here is video evidence of what would happen.

Is it that dogs hate motorcycles? Or do they actually enjoy the sound? This video was posted on YouTube by Bantujatt of India and shows his dog and his Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo.


  1. He's probably afraid the owner has found a new best friend.

  2. Anonymous2/11/2009

    He just hates that this shiny beast can make noise, move around, and interact with his owner but WON'T REACT TO HIS BARKING!

    He wants to scare the heck out of it but the motorcycle just sits there like "Do you hear something? No, I don't hear anything. Hmm quiet day we're having." Not even batting an eye. Dogs hate that.

    - Erin


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