Sunday, December 21, 2008

Royal Enfield riders answer 3 questions

Royal Enfield riders are surprised when they come back from a ride and no one has asked them any of the Three Questions. These are the questions you get in traffic, waiting at a stoplight. Someone will roll down a window and shout:

  • How old is that thing?
  • Did you restore it yourself?
  • How fast will it go?

Three seemingly simple questions, each with a complex answer that will not make much sense shouted across an intersection. The answers I would like to give (but rarely do) are:

  • Younger than it looks.
  • It restores me.
  • Not nearly fast enough, if the answer to that question is important to you.

Usually I take the coward's way out. I just point to the helmet, smile and shake my head to indicate I can't hear the questions.


  1. Anonymous1/12/2009

    Great blog here!
    Your answers are more poetic than mine. I usually say it's a '55 built in '03 (which also answers question #2). For speed, I say it's not really a racer, but it's the bike they use to climb the Himalayas :)
    Here's mine:
    - Chris

  2. Chris, thank you for your comment. I actually had wandered across your Flickr album and was impressed by the artistic flair of your pictures. Obvious, too, from your riding outfit that you are into the true spirit of the thing.


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