Monday, December 22, 2008

Brass Bullet is heavy metal motorcycle

A full-size, brass and chrome Royal Enfield Bullet created by Indian artist Subodh Gupta is on display in an art museum in Tokyo. Although obviously beautifully executed, it looks unsurprisingly like the original: an ordinary Bullet delivery vehicle festooned with milk cans.

It's the concept that seems original. Gupta has also created accurate sculptures of bicycle and scooter milk delivery vehicles as well as other vehicle based artworks. His work seems to bring to light the fantastic elements of ordinary things.

The choice of the iconic Bullet artwork is appropriate for the exhibition of modern Indian art at the Mori Museum in Tokyo. The show is entitled "Chalo! India" (or "Let's Go! India"). According to the Japan Times, it's meant to show off artistic thinking in a nation that is racing into the 21st Century from a starting point rooted in the 19th Century.

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