Friday, December 26, 2008

Royal Enfield factory tour 2008

Just in time for 2009, here's a video of how Royal Enfield built Bullet motorcycles way, way back in 2008! I posted an earlier, incomplete version of this earlier in 2008 but my video editing skills weren't up to much. Here's a much improved version. Thanks for the video editing tutorial from my daughter Anna.

Our videographer for this visit is Kevin Mahoney of Classic Motorworks, U.S. importer of the Royal Enfield motorcycle. If you listen closely at one point you can hear him saying "I'm going to put this on a CD and put it on my web site." Hopefully, he will, so it can reach a wider audience. There are some very decent shots here and you get a feeling for the attitude of the workers on the line.

"They never seem rushed," Anna commented as we viewed it. Seems to me, you'd want them to take time making your bike. Enjoy.


  1. Actually, I think Erin said that. Looks great, Dad.

  2. also, you should put a link to the youtube video in case anyone wants to show friends.

  3. Anonymous12/26/2008

    excellent - thanks for sharing

    Vancouver BC

  4. Anonymous12/27/2008

    The fellow using a mallet to help in the assmebly seems to be following an old British tradition! By the way, I visited the Harley assembly plant in Lancaster, PA and NEVER witnessed the use of a mallet.

  5. Anonymous12/27/2008

    I keep getting
    "This video is not currently available, please try again later"
    I tried again, later, and still the same message.
    I will try again tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous12/28/2008

    Ah yes now I have seen it I can say this is a great little film. It was great to see how my bike was made, I grinned when I saw the guy hit the seat with his hand to make it fit. We mainly see a silver bike being put together here, can anyone say what model it is? it looks like a home market one to me. In a lot of the scenes it looks like they have big fans running to cool the guys down, and it is good to see they are not forced to wear a uniform.
    The music used was well chosen, and helped to tie the various scenes together.
    Is there any chance of giving us a link to download this video please?
    Dan :-)

  7. Dan, and everyone who has asked, here is the link to the YouTube version of the video. You can grab the embed code for there if you want. All Best.

  8. Anonymous1/01/2009

    Hey - cool vid. I took an enfield over the worlds 1st and 2nd highest mountain passes in the Himalaya - good tough bikes.

  9. Anonymous4/29/2009

    David thanks so much for posting this site. It is a national treasure. I especially appreciate the CraigsList postings of bikes for sale. (I can dream can't I) Love all the pictures with bike and Hack combinations! You do an excellent job, great pictures and easy to read too.

  10. Anonymous1/01/2010

    Always a fan of anything related to classic bikes! Thanks.



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