Saturday, November 15, 2008

Royal Enfield takes to the green lanes

Those of us who ride our Royal Enfields from stoplight to stoplight on suburban streets can only envy those who motor the English country lanes these motorcycles were designed to run.

Here's a video posted on by "Great British Rob" of Lincolnshire. A group of riders, one on a Royal Enfield, went "green-laning" Sept. 11. They let the Royal Enfield lead, so it shows up from time to time in this "handlebar" video. Here's how Rob, 41, describes the ride:

"Just a few of us out and about around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire (England). I was out on my XR650R which was a pig in the real sense of the word with it being so slimy and slippery. Most of the tracks were hard packed underneath with like a thin layer of mud and slime on top. Tyres would not dig in and this made the throttle pointless. Spent most of the day trying to stop the back wheel over-taking the front wheel. My mate on his old Royal Enfield was leaving me for dead cause he could get traction while I was just spinning sideways. Bloody good laugh though."

The video is plenty jumpy, as you'd expect from the handlebar mount, but look past that to the lovely countryside ahead. Enjoy.


  1. Sometimes the video looks like they're underwater, but you can still tell its lovely.

  2. Hey, as usual you are able to find nice stuff everywhere for us.
    Wll done !


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