Friday, November 14, 2008

Found: Royal Enfield twin for $1,000

Found on CraigsList: a 2001 Royal Enfield Bullet with a Yamaha twin motor in it. The asking price is only $1,000 "or best offer."

The price seems almost too good to be true, and where did this rare bird come from, anyway? I emailed the seller, who replies:

"We really have no idea what the story is behind the Enfield getting the Yamaha motor. It is a SX650 twin motor. The bike has been through a few different owners (which is why we have no title).

"We actually bought it under the impression it was an Enfield. We were very disappointed when it turned out not to be. We didn't want a Yamaha.

"So anyway, the previous owners could not keep the bike running. We guess they have no knowledge of how to work on any bike and my boyfriend does. It is running now and is pretty fast but it still will not keep a charge. We have the paper work to title the bike."

The pictures are low resolution but seem to show a professionally turned out bike. The ad says it needs a battery and a shift lever repair. The ad is out of South Bend, Ind. The seller gives her phone number as 574-217-8345. If you're interested, call now. And let us know how it works out. The seller messaged me: "Please tell everyone we don't really have the space for it anymore."

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