Monday, October 6, 2008

Riders test new Royal Enfield motor

Chris Janes photo.
Chris Janes and others got to ride a Bullet with the new unit-constructed engine at the Rally on the River gathering in September in Missouri. Janes wrote his impressions for the Royal Enfield Yahoo message board:

"Kevin (Mahoney) from Classic Motorworks brought it out for us to run through the mill. It is a UCE motor in a modified Electra chassis, not the model (Royal Enfield) is going to be "unveiling" tomorrow in Germany. It's a bike to do all the government testing crap on.

"We all got to put it to the test and everyone's opinion was positive. And even though I am resistant to change and turned my back on electric start models and wouldn't even look at an Electra my opinion was positive too. Time will tell.

"It started easy with no choking or blipping the throttle. It is coldblooded and needs to warm up a bit before you ride. The first thing you really notice is how much more torque it has over an iron motor. We went on a 40/50 mile ride and I was following Kevin (he was riding two up) and the whole time I think I saw him downshift one time going up a steep hill. The rest of the time you just roll on the throttle and it goes up the hill.

"There is a really steep hill on 19 by the campground. If you turn onto it and accelerate real fast into fifth gear the UCE would accelerate all the way to the top of the hill. I would be in third and slowing down on my Bullet.

"Throttle is very responsive compared to a bike with a carburetor and Kevin has been in touch with Power Commander already about making an adjustable 'black box' for those all important improvements. It sounds like a Bullet!

"The only thing I think it could use is a bigger counter shaft sprocket and those rubber fin spacer things removed. Aside from that with all the emission standards looming in the future for most of RE's export markets I think they did well to preserve the feel and sound of the Bullet. I guess it beats having no Bullets for the future.

"I can't wait to take one apart to see what makes it tick. I did have tools but they wouldn't let me at it!"

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