Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to make BIG money as a blogger

Take the money and run! Yes, YOU can get rich as a blogger. Apparently it's just me who can't seem to manage it. At least not so far. I'm not going to give up because I still want to make BIG MONEY BLOGGING.

I do love blogging about Royal Enfield motorcycles, although it would be even better if I could do it and GET RICH BLOGGING.

I also love motorcycles in general, especially vintage machines like the sidecar outfit shown above. The illustration is the cover of Private Detective magazine from January, 1945. The artwork is by Richard Lillis and was in the collection of Robert Lesser. I encountered it in the calendar from his August, 2003 display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Technically, the illustration has nothing to do with How to Get Rich Writing a Blog. Getting rich writing a blog is nothing at all like escaping in a sidecar with a beautiful redhead and bundles of cash. What can I say? I was misled.

The idea for this blog came from my wife, a beautiful redhead who teaches a class at the university on How to Make Money Blogging on the Internet. Actually, that is not exactly the title of her course, but, hearing her describe her lectures, I discovered The Secret to Making Money Writing a Blog.

The secret was to write about something I loved, like Royal Enfield motorcycles. Only after I confidently began this blog did my wife the professor explain to me that "that will never work!" It's too much of a niche, says the professor who tells her students that no niche is too small for the mighty Internet.

"But, look," I protested to her, "I have readers. My blog is drawing eyeballs. I have page views." It's then that she told me the Real Secret to Making Money Blogging:

"They don't pay you for page views," she said. "They only pay you when people click on the ads."

Still, I love what I'm doing. I did complain to my friend, the screenwriter and wit Douglas Kalajian, that I was endlessly pushing a rock up a hill.

He replied: "Just to keep you focused: you're pushing the rock downhill."

I deeply appreciate the support of you readers who follow this blog regularly in hopes of watching How I Get Rich Writing a Blog. I hope to have some advice for you on that just as soon as I in fact do Become Rich Blogging!

In the meantime, I hope to be able to share the fun information and pictures I dig up about Royal Enfield motorcycles. If you have something to offer or suggest, especially something that will help EARN MONEY BLOGGING, be sure to leave a comment here. It also wouldn't hurt if you clicked on some of the little ads you see scattered about by Google.

But only click if you're really, really interested. Because Google and its clever little robots dodging about looking for Tips on How to Get Rich Blogging are a blogger's best friend!

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