Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Royal Enfield riddle

"Speed" did not lead the first walk-out from the Three Down bar. Matthew led it. The truth is, he felt he was driven out.

I am not proud to say this, but I was relieved to see him go. He drove us crazy. One regular summed it up this way:

"He bought a Bullet, wanted to learn, didn't take the advice to get a good manual, fiddled about until the bike was non-ride able, tried to sell the non-runner to get a running bike. That was a real sad story — especially for the bike!"

Matthew didn't seem to realize that, while fellow bikers will answer a question, they are under no obligation to do so — especially if they think earlier advice was waved off. And they let him know it. Eventually, Matthew took offense to being told to listen to what he was told.

Matthew walked out and invited those to come along "who want to be able to ask questions without being treated like dirt and cursed at and accused of evil."

The final straw was, I believe, the last question he asked. It struck some as so preposterous that Matthew was accused of making the whole thing up, of being a fraud who just liked to torture us.

And yet, his riddle DID have an answer:

"If a spark plug is removed from the combustion chamber and has been smashed flat, apparently by the piston, even though the entire engine block is 100% stock and has not been touched in any way, what does that indicate, and might one fix it?"

If you think you know the answer, post a comment.


  1. Anonymous8/06/2008

    What if Speed asked about the Facebook Royal Enfield group?


    - emb

  2. There are short reach plugs, Long Reach Plugs, and, it would appear, Extra Long Reach Plugs. My O My!


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