Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Royal Enfield advertisements

There are many wonderful Royal Enfield advertisements. One of my favorites is the dashing fellow in the gauntlets and goggles flying through the countryside in the "For Modern Motorcycling" ad.

This artwork really wants to make me roll my Bullet out of the garage and go for a ride through the fall colors. At some point I came across an actual photograph of a probably cold and miserable factory test pilot riding through the wintry grounds of what could be a fenced parking lot.

Probably he is riding for the express benefit of the cameraman. The motorcycles shown vary (I would guess the artwork is the standard Royal Enfield Crusader, while the real rider is on the Crusader Sports model, perhaps). But the riders' outfits are so nearly alike that it seems like the artist saw this photograph, or others like it.

The motorcycle would be a circa 1962 model if I am identifying it correctly.

The artist's biggest challenge here might not have been drawing the cycle, but putting a suitable smile on the face of the actually very grim looking rider.

Do you have a favorite Royal Enfield ad? Put a comment here and I will try to find a picture of it to post.

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  1. In using this photograph they also sacrificed fashion. He is dressed like a garbage man.


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