Friday, August 15, 2008

Removing Bullet rear wheel is easy with this tip

The Royal Enfield Bullet comes with a "quick detach" rear wheel that lets you loosen the wheel without affecting the chain or rear brake. But, when you try to remove the wheel completely you'll find it impossible to wiggle it out from under the fender without propping the motorcycle up somehow to increase clearance. David Hill of Franklin, MA recently discovered that Royal Enfield solved this problem a long time ago. He told everyone about it on the Royal Enfield Yahoo Message Group:

"The rear mudguard carriers -- those black bars that run beside the rear fender, and hold your pannier bags away from the wheel -- they attach to the frame at two points: just below the seat, and down by the rear foot pegs. Loosen the lower nuts (your spark plug wrench, that tubular thing in the toolkit, is the right size). Loosen the nuts about 1/4 inch and lift up the back of the fender. The mount lugs are slotted and the carrier will hinge easily on the upper mount, pull free of the lower stud, and give you about 4 inches of clearance to pull the wheel free. Couldn't be simpler. Applies to 350 and 500 Bullet, and maybe others."

Thank you, David

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