Friday, December 26, 2008

Royal Enfield factory tour 2008

Just in time for 2009, here's a video of how Royal Enfield built Bullet motorcycles way, way back in 2008! I posted an earlier, incomplete version of this earlier in 2008 but my video editing skills weren't up to much. Here's a much improved version. Thanks for the video editing tutorial from my daughter Anna.

Our videographer for this visit is Kevin Mahoney of Classic Motorworks, U.S. importer of the Royal Enfield motorcycle. If you listen closely at one point you can hear him saying "I'm going to put this on a CD and put it on my web site." Hopefully, he will, so it can reach a wider audience. There are some very decent shots here and you get a feeling for the attitude of the workers on the line.

"They never seem rushed," Anna commented as we viewed it. Seems to me, you'd want them to take time making your bike. Enjoy.

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